How can municipalities make their sustainable energy ambitions come true? The partners of the BEAST project (short for ‘Beyond Energy Action Plans’) seem to have found a way. In nine European countries, they are assisting local authorities to launch 23 projects that are leading to measurable energy savings and an increase of the share of renewable energy sources. As of now, the project that was started in 2014 already resulted in more than € 3 million of investments.

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On 1st October BEAST Workshop was held alongside with outstanding conference in energy  -  “10th SDEWES  - Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environmental Systems” conference providing extra possibilities to BEAST partners to learn from scientists and experts in energy from many countries.

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In the 10th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, which will be held in Dubrovnik from September 27th to October 2nd 2015, there will be a special event organized by IEE project Beyond Energy Action Strategies( BEAST). 

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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, in conjunction with Lews Castle College UHI, recently hosted a series of training workshops on the theme of sustainable energy action planning. Three workshops were held and participated in by Comhairle staff, representatives of Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partners, and those involved in community and third sector organisations. 

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SEAP workshops in Outer Hebrides 

E-Road-East a big EV-Event took place the 4´th of June in the East Sweden Region. The event was created in collaboration between the BEAST, ProEBike, ESEA and the Region.

The event consisted of an exhibition with more than 25 stakeholders of electrical cars cargo bicycles with possibilities for carrying up to 300kg, different kinds of e-vehicle for city logistic and Segway’s.

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From 13 May 2015 - 4 June 2015, four training sessions took place in Cyprus with a total duration of 32 hours  learning initiated by the Cyprus Energy Agency, with the main objective to lead Cyprus Local Authorities to more efficient implementation of local Sustainable Energy Action Plans.The workshops aimed to create skills on designing, implementing and monitoring of sustainable local energy plans in the context of environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

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On 20-21st May 2015 ZREA, Latvia, organized a range of local workshops for the local authorities and general public on sustainable management of local SEAPS  and with particular focus on green transport.  The local stakeholders – municipalities and ZREA shared their knowledge and best practices  on implementation  of  measures of Energy Plans within the changing market and environment.  Green technologies – such as recently installed sun collectors for preparation of  hot water were presented, green transport - electromobiles, which is a part of SEAPs  but the first major steps in this direction were made in 2014, when a number of Zemgale region municipalities purchased electric vehicles. Now it was  time to share the practical experience on what technical indices  the electric vehicles   had had in winter. The attractive part was the coming together of electromobiles which called  together 35 of them, a team of Fortum Oy had arrived even  from Helsinki! Also 10 electric bicycles were represented. 11 cars participated in marathon which made considerably long distance from Ozolnieki (Ane) to Jelgava – Auce – Tervete – Eleja – Bauska attracting significant number of general public.

As project implementation continues  BEAST project partners plan a range of workshops in the forthcoming time. Have an insight in the calendar of events of Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA).

CEAs Calendar of Events

In  BEAST project  among other activities  we are aiming to do IEE projects cross –promotion in order to work better together on sustainable energy initiatives.

There are many Intelligent Energy Europe-funded projects which could support your sustainable energy initiatives.

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