The County of Møre and Romsdal on the west coast of Norway is characterized by steep mountains, deep fjords and a challenging climate. Despite this, electric cars have become quite popular here. 

In March, 12 % of the new cars sold in Norway were electric. The County Authority is responsible for the roads and infrastructure in our region, and we focus on establishing a quick charger network to make it possible for all inhabitants to choose an electric car for their daily needs. We decided to test the electric cars to their limit, by driving the Trollstigen road in June. This road has up to 10 % slope, and 11 hairpin bends. We were even lucky enough to get rain, sleet, snow and fog for parts of the journey.

Between 30 and 40 electric cars, and four electric bicycles, took part in the journey up to the summit, 850 meters above sea level. Everyone reached the top without any problems, and most of them continued the journey towards the small village Norddal on the other side of the mountain, where they took part in the midsummer celebrations. In Norddal the locals got to test drive all the electric vehicles, including two scooters that had traveled the Eagle Road from Geiranger.

To ensure that all the cars had enough energy to participate, the local tourism agencies and municipalities gathered a list of more than 100 charging points that will be made available for tourists that arrive to our area in electric cars. The charging points are all available on the web site, and on the phone app LadeNå. Speed charging operators “Grønn Kontakt” participated in the event with a portable speed charger transported in an electric Peougot Partner, and the electricity for this was provided by the local energy company Rauma Energi. This event was made possible through support from the national funding project Transnova ( Next summer we hope to have established fixed speed chargers on both sides of the mountain, to welcome the many electric tourists that we hope will use the opportunity to travel silently through this astonishing area with leaving pollution behind.

To quote one of the participants: “When you can hear the sound of nature and waterfalls without being disturbed by engine noise, you know you were right to choose an electric vehicle for this journey”.

You can read more about the event in Norvegian:

Guri Bugge
Environmental Coordinator
Møre and Romsdal County Authority