The diocese in Linköping, Sweden wants to inspire their congregations and parishes to begin to choose electric vehicles instead of fossil fueled cars and they have a vision of one charging spot at each church tower! The church wants to be seen in the environment and climate efforts in order to be credible and their motto is -

"We share the earth, sun, sea, and air. We see the earth as a gift, God's breath through millions of years of development which we have been given the task to manage and develop. This task is yours and mine.”


The East Energy Agency, through the EU project BEAST, has since about a year had the diocese as a member of the local group for the promotion of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. On August 22, BEAST and the  Energy and Climate Advisor in the municipalities of Ödeshög and Vadstena was invited to the Diocesan Sustainable Environment Day to talk before around 40 interested participants about successful projects for e-vehicles held in the municipalities as well as all the climate benefits of electric vehicles and electric bicycles. The companies Engstöms car and Nellborgs  bike offered test driving of Volkswagens electric car E-Up and E-golf and a range of electric bicycles and electric cargo bikes.