On 30 - 31st October, 2014 BEAST project partners met in Italy, in Alta Gerola and Morbegno, cities of Montana Valtellina valley region to exchange best practices and experiences on local actions in each country under SAVE, ALTERNER and STEER clusters.

Progress of local actions was presented and evaluated by each partner in conclusion pointing out the further steps and more concrete activities. Local actions vary in each country, starting from consultations and seminars, ending with feasibility studies and assessments and proposals for future projects. The other event organized for participants was pilot  Jam session – in testing mode, moderated by experienced partners in this field.  Participants divided into 2 groups with common red hot topic “how to ensure faster and more transparent procedures” in SAVE and ALTERNER clusters. Participants of each group had to define individual topics, problems and solutions under the red hot topic. In the next step  these topics were grouped by similar themes and  consolidated. As a  result groups had a clear picture on ideas regarding the  implementation of the red hot topic. An intensive indoor work was complemented by outdoor activities: site visits to Gerola biomass plant and hydropower plant, to Buglio biomass plant and to Biogas plant in Postalesio, during which and extensive  technical and practical information was shared.