In  BEAST project  among other activities  we are aiming to do IEE projects cross –promotion in order to work better together on sustainable energy initiatives.

There are many Intelligent Energy Europe-funded projects which could support your sustainable energy initiatives.

Links to the projects:

  • BEAST - helping public authorities to overcome barriers to implementing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS). 
  • Data4action -  helping public authorities and energy data providers to work collaboratively together on accessing and using energy data.  
  • EURONET 50/50 MAX helping 500 education centres and 48 other public buildings to reduce their energy consumption. 
  • FROnT - improving understanding of fair renewable heating and cooling options. 
  • GEODH - helping to facilitate the installation of geothermal district heating systems across Europe. 
  • Leap - helping to deliver local sustainable energy solutions in line with the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative. 
  • Mayors In Action - helping Coordinators and Supporters (C&S) of the CoM to assist their local municipalities to develop and advance SEAPs.
  • Regiocities- supporting the integration of shallow geothermal energy at a local and regional level. 
  • 5000 & 1 SEAPS - providing a coherent approach to integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with SEAPs. 
  • SEAP + - helping public authorities to develop SEAPs, under the CoM initiative.
  • SMILEGOV - helping public authorities to collaborate effectively on energy initiatives, across European Islands.
  • SPECIAL - helping to build the capacity of Town Planning Associations to plan and deliver sustainable energy solutions.
  • SUSREG - to stimulate the use of sustainable energy resources and energy efficient methods in urban and regional planning.