Objectives of the proposed action

Specific objectives :

BEAST aims to achieve the following objectives during the lifetime of the project:

  • Setting up structures for continuous effective speedy delivery and implementation of SEAP actions.
  • Building long-term capacity among authorities and various other stakeholders by preparing and delivering bankable sustainable energy projects.
  • Contributing towards the EU energy policy targets by implementing actions for measurable energy savings and increased renewable energy sources supply.

By executing these actions the project is in line with the priorities of the Local Energy Leadership of the IEE Call for Proposals 2013, under the Integrated Initiatives field, where this year’s priorities specifically request actions accelerating the implementation of existing SEAP’s or similar plans through tutoring approaches.

Strategic objectives ( longterm - to 2020):

The process of implementing SEAP’s and to manage energy systems towards renewable energy resources and energy efficiency is moving to slow across Europe. The technical capacity of local authorities is insufficient – both financial and technological solutions are most often out of control of the local authorities.
At a strategic level, the BEAST project aims to catalyse an opening up of how local and regional processes are governed by stimulating collaborative partnerships and innovation. Expectations from the actions for implementing SEAP’s with respect to EU-targets are:

  • Accelerated implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans by increasing the involvement of local and regional stakeholders in strategic energy action planning.
  • Strengthened technical capacity of the local energy leadership by demonstrating cross-European successful effects of collaborative partnerships.
  • Increased investments for energy efficient technologies and renewable energy production supply including their infrastructures by implementing bankable projects and sharing good practice solutions.
  • Contribution to EU policies and priorities on energy savings, supply of renewable energy resources and GHG emissions reduction by speedy delivery of actions according to action-oriented future SEAP processes.