The implementation actions will be grouped in three clusters: STEER, SAVE and ALTENER


East Sweden Energy Agency (ESEA)

  • (Heavy) electrical vehicles and their infrastructure (steer)
  • Waste heat utilisation (altener)
  • Biogas plant and infrastructure for vehicle biogas (altener)


Valtellina Mountain Community of Morbegno (CMM)

  • Infrastructure for bicycling (steer)
  • Energy efficient refurbishment of an office building (save)
  • Low impact hydro power (altener)


Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA)

  • RES on the Town Hall and parking spaces (altener)
  • Energy efficient sport facilities (save)
  • Energy efficient street lighting (save)


More and Romsdal County Council (MRFYLKE)

  • Electric vehicles, their infrastructure, fleet analysis and public procurement (steer)
  • Implementation of Energy Management System (EMS) - Eco-Lighthouse in a number of public buildings (save)
  • District heating from bioenergy plants (woodchip and biogas) (altener)


Province of Flemish Brabant (PFB)

  • Provincial helpdesk for energy management (advisory service) (save)


Zemgale Regional Energy Agency (ZREA)

  • Promotion of use of electric vehicles (steer)
  • Energy efficiency in  multi-residential buildings (save)
  • RES/EE solutions in public lighting and other (altener)


University of Zagreb (UNIZAG FSB)

  • Infrastructure and public procurement of electric vehicles (steer)
  • Biomass district heating CHP (altener)
  • Community RES on islands (altener)

United Kingdom

Western Isles Council (CNES)

  • Low carbon properties: efficiency and micro generation (save)
  • Outer Hebrides energy supply company (altener)
  • Commercialisation of ocean power (altener)


Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ITC)

  • Island wind diesel system (altener)
  • RES microgrid (altener)